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Facial Treatment



NVQ Level 2 or Equivalent


Home Study and

1/2 day Practical Session



Centre of CPD Excellence

CPD Points: 6

Product Certification:

Ameson MesoPeel

Innoaesthetics EXFO



Accredited Skin Peel Training with:

MesoPeel £300.00


Innoaesthetics £350.00

Meline £350.00

Combine 2 Skin Peel Systems £450.00

Course Information

This course qualifies you for CPD points and insurance cover.

It covers the core knowledge behind the treatment and practical training so you can safely and effectively carry out Skin Peel treatments.


We look into the different acids, pH and percentage strengths and when and how, they are used.

Within the course we also go through how and which chemical peels can be combined with other treatments.

All our courses are for the treatment and not the product giving you the opportunity to use whatever products you wish allowing you to use whatever new products that enter the market. 

We do however use a variety of products that you can chose from and gain a product certificate along with your Accredited certificate in the treatment.

We have 3 skin peel systems to choose from:

  • Ameson MesoPeel

  • Innoaesthetics EXFO

  • Meline

Course Content

  • Revision of Health & Safety 

  • Revision of Skin A&P  

  • Skin Health

  • Theory of Skin Peels  

  • Different Chemical Peels

  • Pre and Post treatment procedures

  • Client consultation

  • Managing expectations and complaints procedure

  • Protocols

  • Combining with other treatments

  • Hands-on practice 

  • Q & A  

  • Marketing Advice 


  • Downloadable protocols for easy reference

  • Downloadable consultation form

  • Downloadable aftercare leaflets

  • 15% discount off your first order of products using our code

  • On going support

Treatment Information

The outer layer of the skin is compacted of multiple layers of cells. This layer has a specific and important role to protect against environmental damage, protection of the deeper tissues and prevent dehydration.


The layers of cells naturally shed daily and this process as we age slows down holding onto the old dull cells.


Acne skins have a thicker skin also not shedding as rapidly resulting in congestion and breakouts.

A chemical peel will speed up the skin renewal process by exfoliating the surface and triggering a chain reaction that sends signals to the living cells below to move up, revealing new fresh cells which give an instant glow, address subtle signs of ageing and help combat acne and breakouts and speeds up the removal of pigmentation. 

Chemical peels are a great addition to any clinic as they treat a variety of skin conditions:


Mild breakouts


lines and wrinkles

Premature ageing

Age spots



Once you have completed your accredited course, the next step is to find a system of chemical peels to suit your needs. To be able to use a system you will need that systems product training and certification. I can combine your accredited skin peel course with up to 3 different systems that all have their unique benefits.



Thanks to the specific organic acids used, their concentration in combination with the pH of the peeling products, as well as the targeted application protocols, the AMESON MESOPEEL series is superior when it comes to meeting the needs and addressing the problems of different skin types, under different climatic conditions.​

MesoPeel Options

Mandelic Acid 40%: Mild peel treating all skin conditions, ideal for starter peel.

Salicylic (20%) & Azelaic (17%): Ideal for Acne and Acne Scarring

Glycolic Acid 50%: Anti-Ageing, Pigmentation, Tightening & Glow Enhancement

Lactic Acid 50%: Great for dehydrated sensitive skins, ideal for Rosacea

Find out more at:

Juliette Armand



INNO-EXFO offers skincare professionals a complete system of chemical peels that combine a variety of acids. Different peels address individual skin pathologies and skincare needs. The active ingredients of each peel will address both upper and middle layers of the skin in order to achieve the optimum result; renewed, revitalised skin.


5% Vitamin A with other Melanin inhibitors to minimize the signs of sun damage.

MCA 35

Resurfacing peel that combines Salicylic and Chloroacetic Acid

Ultimate Eye Corrector

Anti-aging eye treatment, based on vitamin A and Polyhydroxy Acids

Skin Recovery

Controlled exfoliation that combines Salicylic and Mandelic Acids. Its potent keratolytic action effectively improves severe acne and stretch marks.


Mandelic Acid peel for the treatment of moderate skin aging, superficial pigmentations, and open pores. 

Bio C

Soft exfoliation that achieves a spectacular glow effect.


Chemical peel that promotes epidermal cell turnover, balances skin’s moisture levels, and improves its texture.

TC Age

TCA peel to treat mild to moderate photoaging

Dermatology Range:

Sensitive Peel

XeroSkin Peel (Dry Skin)

AKN-Peel (Acne)

Redness Peel (Rosace)

Find out more at:


Meline Products.jpg


Meline is the only brand specializing in treatments for hyperpigmentation. Meline have developed separate products to treat both melasma and lentigines. Each product contains a specific combination of ingredients in specific concentrations.

A clinical study of 168 participants was carried out, including patients with hyperpigmentation, skin ageing and acne.

Excellent results in 95% of cases of hyperpigmentation

Excellent results in 90% of cases for the aged skin group

Excellent results in 85% of patients with acne-prone skin

Excellent results in 65% of cases with melano-hematic pigmentation

View Clinical Studies

Treatments Include:

Caucasian Skin Treatment

Ethnic Skin Treatment

Dark Circles

Age Spots

Intimate Areas and Body

Find out more at:

Meline | Pigmentation Treatments (

Skin Peel System
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