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Booking your Course

You can book your course using the online booking below or email if there are no convenient dates.

When booking you will need to fill out a pre authorisation form and email relevant qualification certificates. You do not pay to for the pre authorisation booking.


You will receive an email to confirm the booking for your practical session and once your documents have been confirmed a invoice will be sent for a 50% deposit if the practice session is more than 2 weeks from when you book (if the practical session is less than 2 weeks from the booking the full amount will be required). When paid your home study material will be emailed to you. Once you home study has been sent to you if you decide to cancel your course your deposit is non refundable.

Two weeks before your practical session you will receive an invoice for the final amount. If you want to change your practical session you may do so, as once the final amount is paid it is non transferable or refundable.  

For workshops you will be invoiced for a 10% deposit and once paid and the final amount paid to 2 weeks before the workshop. There is no home study part to workshops.

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