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About Face Yoga

An ancient eastern discipline that has been practised for thousands of years in India and other parts of South Asian. Over the last few decades, yoga has become a hugely popular practice in the West, for many people over the age of thirty. The Duchess of Sussex swears by it, claiming in one media interview that she practices facial exercises regularly and truly sees a difference in her jawline and cheekbones as a result. So, if it’s good enough for Megan Markle, it really should be good enough for everyone else.

Face yoga is the practice of various exercises that focus on facial muscles to create a firmer, more sculpted-looking face, with fewer wrinkles and sagging skin, and a more defined jawline.

While the target of this practice is primarily on the face, it also has a strong focus on the wellbeing of the inner self and can build up confidence, as well as a sense of self that many lose as they start to age. 

One of the main benefits of practising face yoga is that no specific tools or equipment are necessary and many of these exercises can be carried out anywhere. Face yoga is natural, safe, and relatively easy to practise once you have learnt the various techniques.

The Science Behind the Practice

Until recently there has been little scientific evidence to back up the physical benefits of Face Yoga. However, the first study of its kind carried out by researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois, US, and published in Dermatology, showed that by spending 30 minutes a day exercising certain facial muscles, study participants were able to tighten and lift the cheek areas to look more youthful.

The scientists were able to rate an approximate three-year decrease in age appearance over a 20-week period, supporting the argument that face yoga improves facial appearance and reduces visible signs of ageing. The most dramatic effect was upper and lower cheek fullness of the participants, who were all 50+ years of age. According to the lead researcher on the study, the exercises carried out worked to enlarge and strengthen the facial muscles, so that the participants’ faces became more toned and shaped like younger faces.

While some people may be worried that moving your face in a specific way could create facial lines, the fact is that face yoga works a lot like resistance training. When you train the muscles of the body it helps tone the body as you build up muscle. So too, if you move your face muscles in a specific way, it will plump up the cheeks and define the area of your face that has become loose, by activating inactive muscles, which have been dragging the skin downwards.


Benefits of Face Yoga

Micro current, non-surgical face lift treatments like CACI, are a very popular anti-ageing in salon treatment. These treatments work on the facial muscles, helping to re-educate them, by either helping relaxing over used, tight muscles or toning muscles that have started to sag. The muscles of the face are the only muscles in the body to be attached to the skin and not a joint, therefore, any facial muscle work you do, will have a direct result on the skin.

Face yoga is a natural, at home practice, that also works in the same way relaxing and toning muscles. Although not a strong as in salon treatments, if done daily it can have a similar effect. This makes it a great alternative for clients who do not want or cannot have electrical treatments or want something to do at home to supportive their salon treatments.

Face yoga can also support other anti-ageing treatments like micro-needling, skin peel etc. as working on the muscles giving the underlining support to resurfacing treatments.

Most people are primarily concerned with erasing signs of ageing and developing a more toned and firmer face. However, the truth is that face yoga, like other yoga practices, offers a wide variety of benefits to practitioners beyond just physical appearances.

Below are the numerous benefits that occur through regular face yoga:

  • More oxygen to the face and mind (through deep-breathing techniques)

  • Feelings of relaxation

  • Clarity of mind

  • Greater confidence (that comes with looking and feeling well)

  • Self-control over facial and body movements

  • Increased blood flow to the skin

  • Fewer headaches

  • Fewer wrinkles and defined facial lines

  • Smoother forehead

  • Firmer, glowing skin

  • More symmetrical face

  • Defined jawline

  • Reduced puffiness in the face

  • Higher, sculpted cheeks

  • Brighter, wider eyes

  • Less droopy eyelids

  • Reduction in under eye dark circles and eye bags

  • Straighter nose

  • Plumper lips

  • Less fine lines around the mouth area

  • Smoother neck

  • Less neck strain and backache

  • Better control of muscles used for speech and other facial movements.

Full Face Yoga Session - FREE

If you would like to try Face Yoga for FREE?

You can get this free eBook with supporting video of a full face yoga daily practice at my store, go through to the cart and use the code to get 100% off:


FREE Face Yoga

Whats included:

  • More information on Face Yoga and conscious breathing

  • Face Yoga Warm - To prepare and relax the face for your session

  • Face Yoga for the Forehead - To help with forehead lines and lines in between the eyebrows

  • Face Yoga  for the Eyes - For dark circles, puffiness and crows feet

  • Face Yoga  for the Nose & Cheeks - To reshape the nose, reduce laughter lines and help reduce puffy cheeks

  • Face Yoga  for the Mouth & Lips - Improves lines around the lips and help make the lips fuller

  • Face Yoga for the Jaw & Neck - Refines the jaw line and strengthens the neck muscles 

  • Facial Reflexology Cool Down Session Triggering specific points on the face for the reduction of wrinkles and toning up the skin, as well as giving you a general feeling of well being.


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