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Build your own Dreams

"Build your own dreams or someone will hire you to build theirs."

This is so true. Its not that there's anything wrong in working with a company to progress and build the dream they are working towards, but stop and think, in doing that are you working towards your dream.

In 1995 I realised I had fulfilled my aim to manage a clinic and going forward I was not working towards what I wanted. Instead, I was helping someone else create their dream. So, I decided to set up my own clinic, with my own vision, which for 23 years I was progressing the business from a one room clinic to a 6 room one, employing and training therapists was amazing, until it wasn't my dream anymore.

In 2018 I change my business, from having staff, to enabling mine and other liked minded therapists to be their own boss.

The therapists who moved from working for me, to renting rooms and working with me, were nervous at first but after a few months the nerves went, and they have flown and have never been happier.⁠ They are now working their own dream instead of mine. They have made a real success for themselves.⁠

We started to move more into skin care and had a real passion for the environment and how we could make a difference in our industry. In 2022 we had a total rebrand to Eco Skin Clinic, embracing the passions we all have; looking after our clients skins and looking after the environment.

I began to realise my new dream was helping progress therapists, teaching, and supporting them create the dream they were looking for, as well as educating therapist on how we can be more environmentally conscious in the way we work.

I did my teacher training in 2019 and started working with Ivan Med to provide training in their devices and products in 2020 (during the pandemic via zoom!).

Then slowly I started to do some private training courses, creating my own training manuals with everything I would want to know from a course, getting them accredited with an amazing accreditation company with the same high standards as myself.

The combination of providing training for Ivan Med, my private training while still treating my clients has created the dream I was looking for.........but as anyone that knows me knows, there will always be a new dream and a new progression, as for me evolving is the real dream.

What is your dream?

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