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It is important with regulations and the special treatment license you get this right but there is so much contradicting information, so I have put together a honest pathway to get what you need.​

At the moment you do not need a level 4 qualification to provide laser, you need to be level 3 qualified with the following certification. 

  • Core of knowledge

  • Laser hair removal

  • Laser Skin Treatments

  • Tattoo removal

  • Carbon Facials

  • Trained paratactically on the machine you will be using

If you are buying a machine with training all this should be included in your training and you should not need to train in it separately.


When would I need to so this training?

  1. If you buy a second hand machine and have no laser training

  2. You want to have the training on your CV to make you more employable for laser clinics

  3. You want to update your skills

  4. You didn't feel confident with the training you had 

For more information and find out about packages and training contact me directly at :

Document with Pen
Core of Knowledge
980nm Diode
e diode.png
Ecodiode Machine Training
Laser Hair Removal
Carbon Facial.jpg
Carbon Facials
hair diagram .png
Laser Training Packages
IPL Face.jpg
Laser Skin Treatments
Tattoo removal.jpg
Tattoo Removal
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